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2920-sfp plus/1910-16g software upgrade

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2920-sfp plus/1910-16g software upgrade

I'm having a buggy problem with a 3Com 2920 (which is now HP 1910) and plan to update the software to eliminate that as a cause.  The software is a couple years and several releases behind.  I'd prefer to not have to step through each version, but will if I have to. 


The switch is currently running s2900-cmw520-r1101p10 and the most current appears to be 1910_5.20.R1513P13.  Does anyone know if I can jump all the way to the current release?  And if not, which releases do I need to hit between where I am and where I am going?


Thanks in advance for the help.




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Re: 2920-sfp plus/1910-16g software upgrade



just take the latest firmware. No upgrade path needed.