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2928-SFP w Software Version Release 1101P02

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2928-SFP w Software Version Release 1101P02

We have a number of the 2928-SFP switches, and in general we don't have issues with them.

What we are looking for information on is the 802.3ad link aggregation setup.   It appears that the switch does do this type of link aggregation, but when trying to configure 802.3ad on our server, it seems that we can never establish a solid pingable link.   

It's possible the problem exists on the server side, and we are also exploring that possibility, but I need to question both ends of the cable in this instance and see if there are other success stories using 802.3ad link aggregation on this model switch.


Thank you!


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Re: 2928-SFP w Software Version Release 1101P02

When connecting servers to 3Com switches using the 802.3ad protocol, usually you need to create a static (more usual) or manual aggregation groups in the switches, not the automatic mode. NLB and HP Teaming do work with static mode in the switch. Remember that when using Baseline switches the server connection must be at the same switch, because the Baseline does not support stacking.