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2928 Switch Doesn't Connect to 2848 Switch


2928 Switch Doesn't Connect to 2848 Switch

I am having a terrible time trying to add a 2928PWR switch to my existing network.  The switch is located in an adjoined building and connected by fiber cable to my 2848 switch.  The port lights on both switches light up which I believe confirms that the cable is doing its job.

Using the wizard provided in the web interface (and the console eventually but I don't think that is relevant) I changed the IP address of the 2928 to an address that falls in line with my existing subnet.  I also changed the port type from Access to Trunk and disabled/enabled the port. 

However none of these simple steps have allowed this switch to connect to my network.  I cannot ping the DC from it.  With no advanced features utilized yet I guess I expect that this switch will work like my 2848 or any other off-the-shelf consumer switch - you plug it in, turn it on and it goes.

But I'm missing something in this case.  Any idea about what else I can do to get this thing going?