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Re: 2952-SFP 3CRBSG5293 Firmware ?

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2952-SFP 3CRBSG5293 Firmware ?



I`m trying to find latest firmware.

My hardware is:


3Com Baseline Switch 2952-SFP Plus Software Version Release 1101P10


Software Version 5.20 Release 1101P10

Hardware Version REV.B

Bootrom Version 119


Where can I find latest firmware to this netswitch?


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Re: 2952-SFP 3CRBSG5293 Firmware ?

The HPN equivalent would be the JE009A. The page where to find the SW for that unit is:




Re: 2952-SFP 3CRBSG5293 Firmware ?



The JE009A has 48 ports.

The " 3CRBSG5293 3Com Baseline Switch 2952-SFP Plus "  has 52 port.


if I will upgrade my "3CRBSG5293 3Com Baseline Switch 2952-SFP Plus"  with your latest firmware


The all 52 port will be enable? 



Does The firmware upgrade save all the current configuration? 




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Re: 2952-SFP 3CRBSG5293 Firmware ?

This is what I normally do:


2) Click on Products.

3) Click on View all switches (or whatever you are searching for).

4) Click on Find your model.

5) Click on Product Details.

6) Click on Resources.

7) Click on Technical Documentation.

8) Click on the link below the headline Software.

9) Click on the model you have, now you have arrived to the current list of General Availability firmwares for your model.

However I couldnt locate "3Com Baseline Switch 2952-SFP" by the above method, I guess that is because (if it exists) HP has rebranded it.

Gooling on "HP 3COM 2952-SFP" I get a few hits but noone to any download page (however pages saying there are various fixes available so at least it has existed in the HP portfolio after their aquired 3COM).

It seems that the HP name is "HP Baseline 2900 Switch Family".

Searching for 2900 at the download page (for example going through the above points but selecting lets say 5820 instead you end up at the download page where you can search for other models: ) i get these results:

J9049A    ProCurve Switch 2900- 24G

J9050A    ProCurve Switch 2900 48G

But I dunno if thats the correct model/firmware because the 3COM you have is a comware product but the above findings doesnt seem to be comware-related.

Googling further I located this string in the quickspecs for V1910 switches:

"The HP V1910-48G Switch (JE009A) was formerly sold as the 3Com Baseline Plus 2952 (3CRBSG5293) and may ship with this product labeling."

Which means that this is the download page you are looking for:

JE009A  HP 1910-48G Switch

1910_5.20.R1513P81 looks like the latest available (build date 27-nov-2013, posted date 10-dec-2013).

Regarding your questions:


1) Port num is most likely regarding builtin RJ45 ports ("predominant ports"). The additional 4 ports (making it 52 in total) are not counted because they are optional (and you need a module/sfp/sfp+ to use them).


2) If its a comware device (as it seems) when you type "save" you will see which filename the configuration is being saved as.


You can then use ftp or tftp to upload this file from your device (or use sftp from your client to download this file if you have enabled sftp on your device).


Re: 2952-SFP 3CRBSG5293 Firmware ?

I did the Upgrade, 


Everything work fine, 


Thank you