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3226 Upgrade firmware?

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3226 Upgrade firmware?

I have a 3226 that I would like to upgrade the firmware on. However, the downloads page shows two seemingly conflicting bits of information:

First there is a 'Driver' of version with a filename of 3226_V1.2.0.13.bix

It is stated that it disabled ARP proxy, and since we are having ARP proxy issues this is exactly what I need.

However, when I upload this to the switch, it downgrades my software from version 1.20 to version 1.02.

I can upgrade the firmware by using the .BIN file located in the s3201_20.exe file, but then I do not know whether or not the ARP proxy is turned off.

Please advise on how to upgrade the .bix file (seemingly separate from the .bin?)