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3C16071B SuperStack 3

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3C16071B SuperStack 3

We received, as a warranty repair, a 3C16071B APRS and two 60W power modules (3C16072). The APRS is powering a 3C16593A hub, also a warranty repair.

The APRS is powered with 2 AC mains power cords into Primary A and Backup B. The 3C16071B APRS is using a 'Y' cable to connect the two power modules to the hub. The manual states "This prevents the reset that occurs in the managed redundancy mode."

Yet, if I remove primary power (A) the hub will reset and later power back up. If I remove backup power (B) the hub will not reset.

Why is the hub resetting even though I am using the "Full Redundancy" Y cable?