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3COM 4200G 48 port VLAN

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3COM 4200G 48 port VLAN

Dear ,

could you please help us ,

We have 3 switch 3COM 4200G 48 port ,We tried to configurstion VLAN but we have problem with forwording packet betwwen switchs.our switch topology are tree and we have 3 vlan ,

Vlan 100   Telephone Vlan we have router for telephone .IP addrees

Vlan 200    host vlan we have DHCP server for IP address .IP address

Vlan 300  other host the valn 300 ip address is

Can someone help me to step-by-step talk me thru the setup

Q1.The Switch 4200G series Ethernet switches can support VLAN

interfaces configuration to forward packets in Layer 3 ?





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Re: 3COM 4200G 48 port VLAN

The 4200G do support up to 4 IP interfaces (VLAN interfaces). You can assign an IP address to each VLAN interface, and then customize any static or default route as your needings. The VLANs will be automatically routed, because are networks direct connected; in order to reach other networks, you will need to check if routes are needed.


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