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3COM 4800G versus HP 6200yl

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3COM 4800G versus HP 6200yl


I like the HP Procurve 6200yl series really much. So I installed some of them.

Unfortunately we have many fiber lines installed within our buildings, so we´d need many of those 6200yl. One of my bosses said, that those 6200yl would be too expensive if we use them in all of our buildings. (We have many small buildings, 40% do have fiber cables 100BaseFX installed, a few 100BaseTX cable and many 10Base2 and 10Base5 installations. All those should be replaced. We will get a new VoIP based PBX within the next 2 years. Before we will upgrade our network)

Fortunately there are other switch manufacturers around having "cheaper" ones. So, 3COM hat its new 4800G series

One 6200yl is about 4100,-€,

One 4800G is 2700,-€

including taxes.

From the data sheets, the 3COMs looks really nice:



Well, what do you think? Which one to buy?

Nowadays I do not need IPv6. But who knows how long those switches will be installed...

Does anyone have experience with current 3COM 4800G switches?

Perhaps you have any rumors against 3COM? What are the arguments against HP? Well the price and that´s a lot

Should I consider buying switches from other vendors?

thanks in advance

Ed Holt
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Re: 3COM 4800G versus HP 6200yl

From My experience you will get more value from the 3com switches. I have an enterprise that had procurve switches and migrated to the 3com units and the network preformance improved drasticly.Also it has been my experience that the 3com switches are more robust and can do things that HP cn not.

3Com Certified IP Telephony VCX/NBX Expert
3Com Certified IP Telephony VCX/NBX Expert CCNA
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Re: 3COM 4800G versus HP 6200yl

Yes, 3Com has some nice protocolls onboard, which HP doesn´t. But what about software support. How long can I expect updates and upgrades for the product? How frequently will they be there? How´s your experience with 3Com in the past?

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Re: 3COM 4800G versus HP 6200yl

we are quite happy with our 5500(G)-Ei series switches. Untill now we have good experiences with tech support and with 3com personel in general. For the 5500 series there are updates 2 times a year..