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3COM 4800g acting like an hub

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3COM 4800g acting like an hub



I have a cluster made of 3 4800g pwr switches. They have, mos of all, defalut security configuratyions, however recently I connected my laptop on a ramdom port and wireshark is catching all traffic on s,witch. Looks like all ports are mirrored to all ports.


Is it possible to disable this?


Thank you,


Cláudio Soares



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Re: 3COM 4800g acting like an hub



try to reduce the scope of your test/troubleshooting.


* use wireshark on your laptop, next ping from 1 host to some other host. Do you see the ping ?

This will tell you if all packets are flooded or just some packets.

Verify these mac-addresses with "dis mac-address" on the switch.

* For the packets which you do see in the wireshard, take the destination address and lookup on the switch with "dis mac-address".

* Check these mac-addresses on your PC arp table (arp -a), you may need to perform a ping to the host IP first.

* do you find any missing matches between switch mac-tables and local pc arp tables ?


Do you have microsoft NLB clusters in the network ? The will use a multicast or unknown unicast mac-addrses for their ARP reply, which forces the switch to flood traffic.


Good luck,


Best regards,Peter.