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3COM 5500G 10Gb

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3COM 5500G 10Gb



We have a number of legacy 3COM 5500G switches in a number of edge cabs. We are in the process of upgrading the Core to a HP E8212zl and would like to provide a 10GbE connection over fibre to the 3COM 5500G switches. The 3COM and HP switches support a number of 10GbE modules and transceivers however I am not sure which one's are compatible. At I guess I would assume it is as below:



HP X132 SFP+ LC LRM Transceiver (J9152A)
HP 8-port SFP+ v2 zl Module (J9538A)


HP X130 LC SR XFP Transceiver (JD117B)
HP 2-port XFP E5500 Module (JE085A)


Can someone help?



Davy Priem
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Re: 3COM 5500G 10Gb

Normally you can only use hp procurve transceivers on hp procurve switches. On some H3C products they also work, but you get a warning they are not supported by H3C.


You can only use H3C transceivers on the H3C products. Procurve switches only accept procurve transceivers.


To get the right productnumbers for the transceivers for your switch, you can use HP Network Online Configurator

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Re: 3COM 5500G 10Gb



You can use any kind of transceivers in a H3C or 3COM switch. But you will get a message on the h3C devices like "the transceiver not sold by H3C....", The message can be suppressed by the command transceiver phony-alarm-disabled. And on newer SW release you will get the message "bad checksumm error..." but also this has no influence to the function. On 3Com devices are no restrictions