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3COM Baseline 2924-SFP Plus MIB file

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3COM Baseline 2924-SFP Plus MIB file

I am trying to monitor our networking equipment in our organization.

But when receiving SNMP traps from the 3COM switch I only get numeric OID's.

So I have to add the MIB file.


I am unable to find the mib file for 3COM Baseline Switch 2924-SFP Plus on the official website nor on a third-party website.

Is there any way to get the mib file for this switch?


Thanks in advance
Kind regards



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Re: 3COM Baseline 2924-SFP Plus MIB file

Perhaps the newest firmware would help:



3. Additional Features Supported in Release v01.00.07


Transmit packet statistics are now available as part of the port traffic statistics summary
information which can be found under the Port/Statistics menu.

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Re: 3COM Baseline 2924-SFP Plus MIB file

Thank you for the fast reply,


I checked the running image on the switch and it is already the v01.00.07 release.


When I receive an SNMPtrasp form the switch I see the numeric OID in Zenoss, but I wan't to see the meaning of the OID number (for example port up, port down). And I suppose when I add the MIB file of 3COM in Zenoss I will see text instead of the OID numbers. But MIB files of each switch of 3COM are nowhere to be find.


Kind regards

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Re: 3COM Baseline 2924-SFP Plus MIB file

I typed a few different 3Com product numbers in the baseline series into the HP serial number converter tool and found the MIB files for a Baseline Switch 2226 Plus 3CBLSF26

If that doesn't work, you're welcome to try and find it yourself,

Baseline 10/100 Switch 16 Port 3C16470B
Baseline 10/100 Switch 24 Port 3C16471B
3Com Baseline Switch 2126-G 3C16472
Baseline Switch 2226 Plus 3CBLSF26
Baseline Plus Switch 2200 - 24 port 3CBLSF26H
Baseline Plus Switch 2426 - 24PWR 3CBLSF26PWRH
3Com Baseline Switch 2948-SFP Plus 3CBLSG48
Baseline Switch 2250 Plus 3CBLSF50
Baseline Plus Switch 2200 - 50 port 3CBLSF50H
Baseline Switch 2816 (16 Port Gigabit Unmanaged) 3CBLUG16
Baseline Switch 2824 (24 Port Gigabit Unmanaged) 3CBLUG24
Baseline Plus Switch 2900G - 20 port 3CRBSG2093
Baseline Plus Switch 2900G - 28HPWR 3CRBSG28HPWR93
Baseline Plus Switch 2900G - 28 port 3CRBSG2893
Baseline Plus Switch 2900G - 28PWR 3CRBSG28PWR93



Perhaps this one might be closer?


Also this one mentioned the below text in "Quick reference of 3Com MIB objects description.txt"

smartswitch2924SFPPlus OBJECT-TYPE
-- FROM A3Com-products-MIB
::= { iso(1) org(3) dod(6) internet(1) private(4) enterprises(1) a3Com(43) products(1) hub(8) 61 }