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3CR17562-91 new firmware

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3CR17562-91 new firmware

Product Description:

3Com Switch 4500 50-Port Software Version 3Com OS V3.03.02s168p02 System Location: Marlborough, MA 01752 USA System Contact: 3Com Corporation. Serial Number: YEDFDNS8C0AC0 Product 3C Number: 3CR17562-91 MAC Address: 20-FD-F1-8C-0A-C0 Software Version: 3.03.02s168p02 Bootrom Version: 4.05 Unit Uptime: 89 Days 23 hours 58 minutes 57 seconds Hardware Version: 00.00.00


Where can I download the latest firmware? I can not find in the wilds of the HP site!








Re: 3CR17562-91 new firmware

Have you searched for your switch using the switch name or product number via this link?

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Re: 3CR17562-91 new firmware

I asked for a reference. I know how to use search. I was looking in all respects. But the site HP is a maze with no exit.

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Re: 3CR17562-91 new firmware

So this is what I did...


First I googled for 3CR17562-9 and found out that its most likely this model:


HP E4500-48 Switch (JE046A) 3Com Switch 4500 50-Port 3CR17562-91


Then I went to clicked on "support" in the main menu (at top) and then "support lookup", ended up here:


At the above site I searched for "JE046A" which gave me information that the E4500 is end-of-sale since may 2012 but this doesnt matter since you want to locate latest available firmware to download.


In the search result above there is a link regarding "software download" which I clicked on and ended up here:


And voila!


E4500_03.03.02p21 looks to be the latest available version and was made available in january 2013.


Here is a directlink for the above download: