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3Com 3250 Vlan - Internet not working

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3Com 3250 Vlan - Internet not working

I have a 3com 3250 switch that I have setup 4 Vlans on... VLAN1, VLAN2, VLAN3 and VLAN4. I have assigned IP interfaces to each VLAN..







I have setup each computer's gateway to be the VLAN's IP of their repective VLAN. All the systems in VLAN1 have gateways of,   VLAN2 systems have gateways of


VLAN4 has a Linksys wrt54G wireless router that is connected to a cable modem. Its IP address is  I have setup static routes on the wrt54g for each VLAN's IP.  Example of the static route for VLAN1 is  IP=  Subnet=  Gateway=, and this is set on the LAN/WLAN interface of the wrt54g. 


The problem that I am having is that I can not access the internet from any VLAN other than the computers on VLAN4. However, I can ping the wrtg54g's IP ( from all of the system on all VLANS.


I have the 3com 3250's default gateway set to I am at a lost as to why only the 192.168.40.* IPs can access the internet and none others can, even though that all can ping and pull up the web admin page of the wrt54g. Any help is appreciate on this problem.


Oh, I have VLAN1's ports set for ports 1 to 12. VLAN2 ports are 13 to 24. VLAN3's ports are 25 to 36 and VLAN4's ports are set to 37 to 48. The wrt54g is conencted to port 48. The ports are untagged.

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Re: 3Com 3250 Vlan - Internet not working

I hope that this helps someone who may be trying the same thing and having a similar problem...


 I finally tracked down my problem. It wasn't the config on the SS3 3250. The problem was the Linksys WRT54G. It appeared that the WRT54G would only pass packets to the WAN side if it came from the same subnet as LAN side of the WRT54G. I updated the firmware for my WRT54G V2 to Linksys's most updated firmware but it didn't help. So I double checked my route tables on the WRT54G and all was fine. I tried the gateway setting and the router setting but nothing helped. I had pretty much gave up, but while browsing the internet out of bordem, and I realized just how old my WRT54G is. So I decided to see if there was any custom firmware that had more feature and sure enough there was. I downloaded and installed a custom firmware called DD-WRT. It was version 24.SP2. Once I applied that, it routes traffic from other local subnets just fine. :)