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3Com 4210 26 Port PWR - No correct default file to boot!

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3Com 4210 26 Port PWR - No correct default file to boot!



I'm having serious problems with this switch ---> 3Com 3CR17343-91. We had a packet storm and the switch now just cycles when booting and displays "No correct default file to boot!"


I've flashed the latest boot rom, and that worked.


I tried to flash it with the latest software (version V3.01.15) using the .app file in the download, but before falshing it asked me to rename the file, as it was not a bin file. I tried to rename it to s4o03_01_15s168.bin, to match the .app file name as well as various other names, but it would not allow it. In the end I tried s4o03_01_15s168 with no extension and the flashing process accepted that.


I now can't set this as the application file to boot, under option 3 of the boot menu, as nothing is displayed as an option.


Is there a way around this? If not, can I get hold of software versions using .bin files?







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