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3Com 5500 Skip current config

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3Com 5500 Skip current config


I have a 3com 5500-EI switch which i have defaulted by using option 7 in the bootrom. However, now the switch will always skip the current config file so I can not upload any config to it, i have tried using the default file name and other file names and changing the startup config to use this file but it will still only ever load the default config.

Would appreciate some help.



Re: 3Com 5500 Skip current config

Hi Dan,


Please refer article below that explain's issue you are facing with resolution provided. 



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Re: 3Com 5500 Skip current config


Switch 5500 - Why a saved configuration file can not be loaded

Configuration can be modified after rebooting and saved - however the switch will not load saved configuration file upon next reboot


Once "Skip current configuration file" option is enabled, the switch will ignore any configuration file saved in the flash memory, and factory default configuration file instead, until the next time the bootrom is accessed and "Skip current configuration file" disabled.


Bootrom option 7 "Skip current configuration file" enabled

"Configuration file is not used" displayed during bootup process

follow below steps carefully


1. Download application file to flash

2. Select application file to boot

3. Display all files in flash

4. Delete file from flash

5. Modify bootrom password

6. Enter bootrom upgrade menu

7. Skip current configuration file

8. Set bootrom password recovery

9. Set switch startup mode

0. Reboot

Enter your choice(0-9): 7

The current setting is skipping configuration file when reboot.

Are you sure you want to skip current configuration file when reboot? Yes or No (Y/N) n


This action will bring the boot load back to normal -- load saved configuration file at next reboot.

Disable "Skip current configuration file"

I am an HPE Employee

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