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3Com 5500 problem staking over XRN cable


3Com 5500 problem staking over XRN cable



Sorry of my English.


I have 2  

Switch 5500G-EI Software Version 3Com OS V3.03.02s168p18


Switches to individually work fine. But it is time to unite them in a stack with a cable XRN. After that we started having problems. We turned to HP support and have given us 2 new switch.

Soft on both switches is identical.
The configuration of the same (only unit2 set manually)
The test was carried out with 2 computers connected to a different unit. Using the software on linux iperf
Loading ports amounted to 800-900 Mbps

When connecting switches in the stack using a special cable (XRN) problems.
1) When tested in an error at the «interface Cascade2/2/1». CRC error in the number of 20-60 per second. At the same time on the ethernet ports there are no errors.
2) If you change two XRN cable in some places - the stack is not very stable. After the hot restart sync is more than 15-20 minutes.

If the cable XRN back to its original position - that the stack starts, but errors in stacking ports continues.

Maybe the problem is XRN cable?

How can I check myself XRN cable?




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Re: 3Com 5500 problem staking over XRN cable



Help me please :-)