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3Com 5500G packet drop

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3Com 5500G packet drop

I'm having problems with dropped packets.

I have all ports of a 3Com 5500G switch assigned to the VLAN-1. The VLAN-1 interface IP address was but the stations connected to the switch ports have addresses from the or ranges.

When I ping a PC with an IP address within the subnet from another PC within the same subnet, I lose a lot of packets (~50%).

I’ve added another IP to the VLAN-1 interface and It seems that all is OK (the packet drop rate has decreased)

interface Vlan-interface1

ip address

ip address sub

I don’t understand why I have to add a new IP address to the VLAN interface (The ping failed between IP addresses from the same subnet (, there is only Layer 2 switching).

Is this working as intended? Or is it a bug?

Thank in advance,