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3Com Switch Training

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3Com Switch Training

Is there any 3Com switch training manuals in the HP Learning Center?


I need to learn VLAN's and switching in general but also how they apply to legacy 3Com equipment, like the 4500 and 5500 series era network switches. I've found the HP/3Com manuals but there's like 20 different manuals that assume you know everything and are a genius!


The best guide I've found on VLANs in general is a Nortel/Alteon switch manual "Nortel Application Switch Operating System 23.2, Application Guide" which spells things out clearly but don't apply directly to the customer voice networks I've now inherited.



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Gerhard Roets
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Re: 3Com Switch Training

Hi Nintendo


You might want to look at


Looking at the individual Requirements, training and exam preparation materials for instance in AIS Network infrastructure you will find some WBT's there that might help for a starting point.