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3Com graph topology

Occasional Contributor

3Com graph topology


I have a problem and i can not solve that. Some years ago i bought 3Com switches and they have management software, that made possible to display the network topology in graph format. Now i work in a new workplace and forgot the exact type of that switches. I would like to buy 3Com GigaBit switches, but i do not fint the correct for me. Who knows a not too expensive device, which is knows the required thing.

Thanx. Zoltan Toth

Super Advisor

Re: 3Com graph topology

Hi Zoltan.

One thing is the switch model you are looking for; another thing is the management software. Basically almost all the 3com switches have a graphical interface available on its software.

I don't know any 3com switch that are delivered with a management software with graphical interface and that can show and monitor the topology. Usually are used the 3com Network Director or IMC to manage the network environments.

You can also download and use for free the Device Manager, a great solution to manage most of all 3com switches with a graphical user interface; but, at the other hand, does not show the topology.

In order to suggest a good choice to you, at first you need to tell us what kind of switch you want: stackable? Multilayer? Core or edge switches? Small or large environments?

Anyway, I think the 4200G or Baseline Plus are good choices, considering its prices. Both are gigabit switches, and the 4200G supports up to 4 IP interfaces (L3). The Baseline is a L2 switch.


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Re: 3Com graph topology


Thanks for the help, your information was helpful. I have downloaded 3Com Network Supervisor and activate it. It works fine. I will buy new Gigabit switches, the software will be excellent to create a network map.

All te best,