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Re: 3com 4200G CPU error?

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3com 4200G CPU error?



My 3com switch indicates "1" on the front panel. The manual says it means "CPU error" but doesn't tell me anything else.


Anyone know if there's anything I can do to fix it?


Tried rebooting it and restoring it to factory settings. Did not work.


The switch is currently working but not all the ports. About 1/3 of the ports doesnt seem to work. The lights glow but the computers won't get a connection.

In the web GUI everything looks OK.


Thanks for any help or tip!

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Re: 3com 4200G CPU error?



The "1" in the front led doesn't means that the switch has a CPU problem. This number indicates the unit ID of the switch. When you setup a stack (actually, a cluster connected using CX4 10G ports) this leds shows the letter "c", which means that the device is member of a clustered stack, in the slave mode.


If you want to see if the switch does have a problem with the cpu, input the command "display cpu" in the CLI.



Fred Mancen