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Re: 3com 4200g 48Port (JE018A / 3CR17662-91)


3com 4200g 48Port (JE018A / 3CR17662-91)


I have a problem with my 3com Switch. I don't have the Bootrom and telnet/serial password. I can't perform a factory reset while the switch is booted and also I can't "Skip the current configuration" because of a unknown Bootrom passwort (tried blank ans every simple combinations).
I've read something about recover/recover but this doesn't work (or I did it wrong).

So my Question: How can I recover the boot password (maybe something hardcoded) or perform the factory Reset?


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Re: 3com 4200g 48Port (JE018A / 3CR17662-91)

Are you able to enter into 3Com 4200G's BOOT MENU [*] after the message "Press Ctrl-B to enter Boot Menu..." is displayed during very initial boot phase? By default the Boot Menu password should be blank (no password).

[*] by pressing, as requested, the Ctrl+B keys combination within 5 seconds.

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Re: 3com 4200g 48Port (JE018A / 3CR17662-91)

No. I've tried any combination in Boot Menu and after Boot on telnet (blank, admin/blank, admin/admin, rocover/recover, admin/123456, ...).

I need a Soulution to reset everything or a "Master password" (I read something about a rocover Tool from HP which generates a master password via the mac-adress of the switch).