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3com 4226 VLANS

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3com 4226 VLANS

I have been trying to modify vlans on a 3com 4226 where I want to add the up and downlink ports 25 and 26 to three vlans I have created(and they will be the only ports in them).

When I use the addPort function, I choose the vlan and choose the port and then when I select that I want the port tagged, it gives an error - "invalid option or combination of options selected" so this is the full syntax as it shows:

"Select menu option (bridge/vlan/modify): addPort

Select VLAN ID (1,101,121,201): 101

Select bridge ports (AL1-AL4,unit:port...,?): 1:25

Enter tag type (untagged,tagged): tagged

Invalid option, or combination of options, selected."

I have done similiar switches and these worked fine and I can only make the changes through the command line because the web interface doesnt have a vlan option available.