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3com 5500G-EI VLAN ACL

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3com 5500G-EI VLAN ACL

Dear all,


I've two 3com 5500G-EI in stacking, currently i've all VLAN pointing to a Windows Servers for the DHCP service & i would like to create a DHCP service on the switch itself. This is to isolate the Guest access from entering the production enviroment.


Attached is the existing configuration for the switch & the acl & dhcp configuration. 


Can you guys please verify the configuration for me? The Guest access is on VLAN 24. After enable the dhcp service on the switch, i assume that the Guest VLAN 24 will be giving out the IP & i'll tie the ACL to the selected port.


But my another problem is my trunk port which is connected to a HP 2910al switch with VLAN24 for guest Wifi & VLAN 23 for internal WIFI. How do i specify the ACL from there since VLAN ACL is not capable on the HP 2910al switch.


Your input will be much appreaciated. Thank you guys for your profesional input. Attached is the configuration file for my switch. Is plain and straight forward with the ip route to my firewall (gateway to the internet)


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Re: 3com 5500G-EI VLAN ACL

Guys i've notice my comware version is 3Com OS V3.01.00s56p03 and don't have the dhcp enable option, it only support dhcp relay and no dhcp server.

Where as my another 3com switch OS which is V3.03.01s168 got the dhcp enable option.