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3com Superstack 3 4500 No console

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3com Superstack 3 4500 No console

  I have had this switch for quite awhile but recently decided to finally set it up instead of just using it as a basic switch.  I built a cable like the manual shows and am able to see the switch boot up in hyperterminal.  I try and hit ctrl B but nothing.  When it is done booting and says hit enter, the login prompt does not come up.  I am getting no response from the switch.  I jumpered pin 2 and 3 on the rj45 and ran a comm test and I can see that I am sendng and receiving just fine so I know the PC is working correctly.  I am out of ideas.  I even looked on the system board for a reset jumper but still nothing.


I am running Window 8.1 with a hyperterminal program.  I have tried other terminal emulators with the same result.  I also tried the ctrl shift - like the older switches use.


Thanks for any help

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Re: 3com Superstack 3 4500 No console


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Re: 3com Superstack 3 4500 No console

Manual says 19200.  I can try slower.

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Re: 3com Superstack 3 4500 No console

I seem to remember the 3COM switches using 19200, that's probably correct, unless somebody reconfigured it to a different speed...?

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Re: No console 3com Superstack 3 4500



might be a faulty cable, I've tried that a few times, where I see all the output from the switch fine, but I can't send anything to the switch. I changed cable, and everthing worked fine.


a google on "3com 4500 configuration guide" will result in documents (3Com Switch 4500 Family Configuration Guide)





confirming the console settings as (page 17):



No flowcontrol





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