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4200G Reset everything to default

Occasional Contributor

4200G Reset everything to default

I've searched here, manuals, the unit's help files and the KB, but can't find an answer to a simple question.

I'm re-purposing some 4200Gs, and would like to just wipe them to factory default and start over. I have some scripts that can configure the unit from a factory default, but they don't know how to undo all the prior programing-  DHCP forwarding, NTP, routing, vlans, etc....

Is there a single command that will wipe everything out?



Super Advisor

Re: 4200G Reset everything to default

Are you saving the configuration after the changes you made? If you are using the CLI, just issue the command save; if you are using the web console, click on the button save on the upper left corner on the GUI.