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4200G link with 4500

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4200G link with 4500

I have connected 4200G with 4500 via TWO copper cables RJ45.

In the 4200G cables are in ports 5 and 6, and in the 4500 cables linked to 49 and 50 SFP ports.

So I have two links: 4200G: Port 5 - 4500: Port 49 and 4200G: Port 6 - 4500: Port 50.

I didn't any adjustment such as aggregation or trunk.

So 3Com Network Supervisor showing to me "Miltiple Links" between switches and both links are up.

Q: what speed I have between my switches and how it working in my configuration?

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Re: 4200G link with 4500

Hi. The Network Supervisor is showing multiple links because actually you have two links connecting both switches. What you need to do is:

Step 1: enable the link-aggregation on both switches (the script below will run in the 4200G and in the 4500)


link-aggregation group 1 mode static

link-aggregation group 1description ENTER_YOUR_DESCRIPTION

interface ethernet 1/0/N ====> Where "N" is the interface you need to enable as link-aggregation

port link-aggregation group 1

To display the link-aggregation status:

display link-aggregation verbose

At this time you will have 2Gb of throughput in this connection.

Step 2: configuring the ports as trunk ports (using just the VLAN 1 on both switches)

interface ethernet 1/0/N port link-type trunk

port trunk permit vlan

That's it. Hope it helps.

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Re: 4200G link with 4500

Thanks for answer. And I am interested: what speed are now between my switches in configuration without aggregation or trunks?