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4200G satck, cluster

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4200G satck, cluster

Hi all,


We have 4 4200G 48p switches and my questions are the following:


-Can i stack the three switch which connected togedher with a special 10G xrn connection and cable, and then clustering the stack with the 4th switch which connected through an optical cable?


-if yes, please give me advices for this or howto example.

Because now i only clustered this individual switches but i think the cluster don't work fine.


The administrator sw is the bottom sw and only the middle sw join the cluster automatic.

The remaining two sw is in candidate status and i have to add manualy these switches to the cluster.

After the cluster seems fine i power off the admin sw for testing. but the other switches unaccessible via the configured single ip address.


I think the switches should join automatic to the cluster and if a failure occur and one sw (admin sw) breaks down the others should be accessible through the configured single ip address.


Please give someone advices, howto i can merge this 4 switches into one management surface.

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Re: 4200G satck, cluster



The 4200G switches do not support stacking feature, only a "clustered-stack" way, where you can connect your switches using 10G CX4 cables, and one IP in order to manage the switches.


The slave members will obtain an IP address that will be assigned automatically by the master in VLAN 1, and if the master fails, then on of the slaves will assume. But you have to setup each feature in each switch manually, the console is not centralized. You connect to the master then enter a command to switch the console to a slave member then proceed the changes you want, and don't forget to save each configuration.


The XRN feature is only available in the 4500, 5500-EI and 5500G. The newer version of comware (v.5) uses the IRF feature. The 4200G, 4210G, 4500G and 4510G cannot be stacked as a XRN or IRF, just IRF Lite (that has the same limitation, actually).


To connect the fourth switch at the other building I would choose an aggregated link instead a cluster. Remember also that the cluster-stack does not support distributed link-aggregation nor even share the routing and switching tables.



Fred Mancen