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4200g stacking

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4200g stacking

hi all!

we need to stack 2 4200g 24 port switch.

what we need to buy for this?


sorry my bad english (

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Re: 4200g stacking

You don't need to purchase any hardware to stack the switch; you just need to configure the stack ports, that can be a gigabit port.


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Re: 4200g stacking

We also like to create a stack with two 4200G 48 Port switches.

We would like to do this with the 10G Interface Module so that we not create a bottleneck. Is this possible?

Is this possible over the Web GUI?

Also sorry for my bad english :)

Thanks Markus

****** UPDATE ********

In the following knowledgebase article there is a hint that the stacking with the 3Com® Switch 4200G 1-Port 10-Gigabit Modul (Part Nr.: 3C17666) is not possible. But I don't find the 10GE Ethernet Stackign Module (part# 0231A39T - name "LS5M1X1PA") on the website of 3Com (only on the website from H3C). Is the stacking module really compatible to the 3Com 4200G (3CR17662-91 4200G 48 PORT)???

****** UPDATE ********

***** ARTICLE ********

Problem Description : Following the example in the Stacking Chapter of the 4200G Config Guide still can not get 4200G's to form a stack

Product Model # : 3CR17660-91 SWITCH 4200G 12 PORT

3CR17661-91 SWITCH 4200G 24 PORT

3CR17662-91 SWITCH 4200G 48 PORT

3C17666 SWITCH 4200G 1-Port 10G XFP

3CR17660-91 SWITCH 4200G 12 PORT

3CR17671-91 Switch 4200G PWR 24-Port

Software / Firmware version : version 3.02.01

Cause : The chapter on stacking in the 4200G documentation is not correct. The commands are correct and work fine, however it implies that you can use the 3C17666 ten gig module to form a stack. This is not correct. You need to order the correct parts to stack the 4200G switches together.

Fix : To form a stack of 4200G's you need to order the Ethernet stacking modules and the stacking cables.

Ethernet Stacking Module

part# 0231A39T - name "LS5M1X1PA" - description "S5100 1 port 10GE Ethernet Stackign Module

Ethernet Stacking Module

part# 0231A39W - name "LS5M2STK1" description "CX4 Cable (50cm) - Stacking/IB/SAS"

part# 0231A39X - name "LS5M2STK2" description "CX4 Cable (1.0m) - Stacking/IB/SAS"

part# 0231A39Y - name "LS5M2STK3" description "CX4 Cable (3.0m) - Stacking/IB/SAS"

Attched is the CLI output showing the commands to form a stack of 2 x 4200G's

example of a stack of 2 x 4200G switches

Number of stacking modules and cables required to stack

a stack of 2 requires 2 stacking modules and 1 stacking cable.

for each additional switch added to a stack requires another 2 stacking modules and a stacking cable

a stack can not be resilient, meaning you can not connect a stacking cable from the bottom switch to the top switch in a stack.

Stack Characteristics

ports in the same link-aggregation group must be on the same switch in the stack. You can not have ports in switch 1 of the stack and ports in switch 2 of the stack members of the same link-aggregation group.

the address forwarding table between switches in the stack are not synchronized

***** ARTICLE ********

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Re: 4200g stacking

Hi Markus.

You can find the compatible 10G modules and transceivers in the switch data sheet. According to the configuration guide, you can use the XENPAK or XFP transceivers. I think it's better you read the configuration guide and check the hardware compatibility before you purchase it.