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4228G Switch and Network Supervisor

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4228G Switch and Network Supervisor


I have a 4228G (3C17304) connected to a Sonicwall router. According to what I've read, the switch will get an IP from the Sonicwall; however when I run Network Supevisor version 6.1, it will find the sonicwall, all computers on the network, and all network printers but it will not find the switch. and obviously I need the IP to use it in device manager.

Am I doing something wrong? Any help is much appreciated.


Re: 4228G Switch and Network Supervisor

The easiest and most reliable way to configure the switch is by assigning a fixed IP address by using the serial console.  There are auto-configuration methods like DHCP and APIPA/RFC3927, but they tend to be messier than simply assigning a fixed address.