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4400 48-port keeps sending ARP request - Need help

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4400 48-port keeps sending ARP request - Need help

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Just recently I noticed our internet connection seems to be running slower. I pulled up my router’s web interface to check its log and noticed an unusual number of dropped ARP requests.


The source IP of the ARP request was This was very unusual because my network uses a 10.1.1.x addressing scheme.


Using the MAC address of the dropped ARP requests, I found they are originating from Switch 1 in building 2. I confirmed this by changing my workstation’s IP to match the 192.l68.0.x subnet and pointing my web browser to which sure enough brought up the switch’s web admin utility.


The ARP requests that this switch is sending out is always for the IP of


This switch is a 3Com Switch 4400.


What is going on and how do I get this to stop? These ARP requests are continuing and I feel like this is the likely culprit of our slow internet. These switches were installed long before I got here and have run fine for me until today. I have not made any changes to their setup. I have not added any connections as well. As a matter of fact, I didn’t even know this switch was configured with this IP address and I could access it via a web browser.