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4500 and 5500 Voice Vlan issues


4500 and 5500 Voice Vlan issues

I am having trouble making the Polycom phones use the Voice Vlan feature of the 4500 and 5500 switches.

I have created all of the configuration but the phones do not AUTOMATICALLY enter the Voice vlan.

If I set the Vlan on the phone itself, no problem.  If I have my DHCP send the vlan info to the phone on boot up, no problem.

I was/am under the impression that one of the functions of the "Voice Vlan 98 enable" and "Voice vlan mode auto" commands was to get the switch to check the MAC address against the OUI list and if a match, move the device to the proper vlan automatically.


I have been told that this is "unsupported", yet I read throughout the manuals and configuration examples that I am correct.

Anyone have any input or suggestions?



Rob Korn.