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4500G Question

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4500G Question

hopefully someone can clarify this for me, I'm looking at purchasing some 4500G 48 port switches (non POE) for basic server and workstation access. They will be stacked (3 of them) but I will not be using POE on any of the switches. One of the vendor's I contacted told me I would have to purchase the RPS to enable all 48 ports on the switch. Is that the case? I could understand if I was (or wanted to) using POE on every port but we are not and are not planning on implementing VOIP anytime in the near future (say next 3 years). Any thoughts?

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Re: 4500G Question

You don't need to buy anything to enable all the ports on the switch. If you buy the 48 port switch you get 48 working ports.

However these switches are not PoE upgradeable. So you can't add PoE to these switches in the future.