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4500G - SNMP MIB Help

Occasional Contributor

4500G - SNMP MIB Help

Please excuse me in advance as my SNMP / MIB knowledge is not the best. :)

I'm currently running a 3rd party utility that helps with not only monitoring my switches but also what devices are connected to what ports and more.

I have a 4500G that is showing what ports are up and down, but its not giving me any information on what devices are connected to the port.

When speaking to the 3rd party utility vendor, they showed me that when they try to use the 'BRIDGE-MIB' specifically the 'dot1dTpFdbTable' they aren't getting any information from it, almost like its not installed.

Is there anyone that can give me some help on how to correct this problem? How to install the MIB that will have this table in it?

Any help given is GREATLY appreciated! :)

Occasional Contributor

Re: 4500G - SNMP MIB Help

Does anyone have an idea on this. I could really use some direction.