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4500G SNMP Problem

Occasional Contributor

4500G SNMP Problem

I'm having a problem getting one of my management utilities ( OpUtils ) to monitor my 3Com 4500G switches. We have 10 4500G's. Each time it tries to read the community name of a 4500G, it comes back and says "No response to SNMP queries". I'm trying to use SNMP v1

Here is how I have SNMP configured in the switch


snmp-agent local-engineid 8000002B03001AC1A29741

snmp-agent community read public

snmp-agent community write private

snmp-agent sys-info contact Frank

snmp-agent sys-info location Scarpa MDF

snmp-agent sys-info version all

snmp-agent target-host trap address udp-domain params securityname public

snmp-agent mib-view excluded dot1dTpFdbTable iso


user-interface aux 0

authentication-mode scheme

user-interface vty 0

authentication-mode scheme

screen-length 60

protocol inbound telnet

user-interface vty 1 4

authentication-mode scheme

protocol inbound ssh



Any help someone can give in helping me diagnose this is greatly appreciated! :)