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4500G ping flood dropped packets

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4500G ping flood dropped packets

I'm having problems with dropped packets. I believe they are being dropped at my 4500G switch because when I plug my notebook directly into the switch and ping flood its IP address, I get lost packets (~38%).

Switch is configured as

My notebook is

Same result from pinging the IP address on it's Vlan interface:

What's got me baffled is that I can ping flood the PCs in our data network without any packet loss (devices with IPs 192.168.1.x), including the router at

I tried this on a 2nd 4500G switch we have in our rack, and got similar results.

Is it normal to not be able to ping flood the 4500G switch?



IP Phones in one of my buildings having 1-sided muting problems. Logs in phone system show dropped packets.

Ping Flood to any PC in that office have no dropped packets.

Ping Flood to any IP Phone in that office have dropped packets.

Ping Flood to any IP Phone in our other office have dropped packets. Yet we don't have the same muting problem?!

The pattern seams to me, that I get dropped packets whenever I ping from the 192.168.1.x network to either of the phone systems networks (192.168.101.x and 192.168.160.x)

I hope this clarifies my problem better.

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Re: 4500G ping flood dropped packets

Hi joseph,

This is difficult to give you an answer as your information is not very clear. I will try to ask you a few questions that might help us to resolve your problem :

- you talk about two officies, how are they connected ?

- how many switches are on your network(s) ?

- how many vlans are present on your network ? how are they interconnected (level 2 and level 3 ?)

- how do you put your ip phones on the voip vlan ? is there a QoS enabled on your network ?

- can you give the 4500G configuration ?

- do you have spanning tree enable on your network ? are you sur you've got no network loop ?

Hope to find a solution for your case !


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Re: 4500G ping flood dropped packets

That is a "normal" behavior with ping flood, when you ping any interface on the switch. As these will never prioritise the icmp pakets.

As you mention, most important is between hosts. If in this case even the "ping" without any option loose a packet, ten you can start to worry.