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4500G switches stacking and unit numbering

New Member

4500G switches stacking and unit numbering

Hi guys,

I have two 4500G switches connected through XRN and I'd love to manage those two 48 port switches through one telnet (or ssh), see all 96 ports at once, and finally see different digits on units (for example 0 and 1). Is there any chance to achieve this? I've been searching in documentation, this forum, but I still have no clue how to set this. Both are working great with no complaints, but this might make administration easier... I'll be thankful for any advice...

P.S. almost 30 days and still no reply - is it really that tough to solve for 3com expert? Or too simple to even answer? :quest:

P.P.S no guru here to answer this? c'mon ;)

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