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Re: 4500g inter vlan routing stopped

New Member

4500g inter vlan routing stopped

Any help appreciated.

Adding a 24 port 4500g to the current network to route at layer 3 for subnets per department at work.

Have setup and tested vlan 1 (default) and vlan's 10,20,30,40 on the switch and all worked fine.

Plugged new 4500g into existing L2 switch with connection at port 24 and 48, both vlan 1. No trunking as not trying to pass vlan 10 to previous switch. This appears to cause the vlan routing to stop. Unable to ping from to, directly connected with two computers after plug in to old switch. Unplugged connection and routing starts working again after a short time. Default gateway to firewall and outside world on previous L2 switch not L3 switch. Is something poisening the routes? All Vlan's are directly connected but can't ping between subnets. Possible to check if routing process is running or stopped?

New Member

Re: 4500g inter vlan routing stopped

Removed the connection between the two switches and rebooted the L3 switch today. Inter Vlan Routing started working again. Any routing guru's what to wade in as to why? Default gateway on L2 switch. Is the routing table getting messed up trying to connect via a defalult gateway on a L2 switch?