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Re: 4510G DHCP Helper/Relay

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4510G DHCP Helper/Relay

Hi Guys, I am having a problem setting up 2 additional dhcp relays.


Current setup: Existing VLAN 100 working DHCP, require VLAN 2 and VLAN 200 also on DHCP.

All will be using the same server.

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Re: 4510G DHCP Helper/Relay

Hi Nick.

Since you already use the DHCP server in the VLAN 100 and will use it for the other two new VLANs, I assume that it uses a single IP address.

Once the server are located in a different VLAN than the new ones, you have to use DHCP Relay.

You just need to create a DHCP Server group (maybe you already have this group created):

dhcp relay server-group <group-id> ip <server_ip-address>
interface vlan <vlan_id>
dhcp relay server-select <group-id>


You can use up to eight IP addresses at the group.



Fred Mancen