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[4800G] - BGP + IPv6-family bug in software?

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[4800G] - BGP + IPv6-family bug in software?


I wanted to exchange my old Cisco switch for an 3Com 4800G (software version is 5.20-R2202P15) adding BGP for IPv6 features. For BGP + IPv4 I have no problems with setting the password for the BGP peer.

Unfortunately the same option for BGP + IPv6 is missing. This should be enabled with:


bgp as-number


peer { ipv6-group-name | ipv6-address } password { cipher | simple } password

But, it is not possible to set the password, as it is stated within the last line."password { cipher | simple } password" is missing.

I tried entery those options manually. When doing so, after hitting enter it pushes me back to "bgp as-number" screen

Is this a bug or can that option be found elsewhere?

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Re: [4800G] - BGP + IPv6-family bug in software?

Im not sure. But a password in ipv6 is not required because the security is implementet in the ip-stack.

When you search for this command in cisco configurations, you will not find it too.


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