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4800G IRF Stacking

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4800G IRF Stacking

The 3Com 4800G family configuration giude states only 4 switches should be IRF stacked. We have a network upgrade that requires 7,5,3 and 2 switches in each stack and were condiering the 4800G. Can someone confirm if it is still limited to 4 switches in each stack?

"You are reccommend to connect at most four switch 4800G series switches to form an IRF"

Page 1941, section 1-4

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Re: 4800G IRF Stacking

The 4800G switches can support up to nine switches in a stack, using XRN feature in the later version. Take a look on the datasheet specifications (Page 6):


Use optional CX4 or XFP connections for high-bandwidth stacking of

multiple units

Resilient stacking; full duplex bandwidth of 96 Gbps when using CX4

cables and link aggregation (48 Gbps without aggregation); 40 Gbps when

using 10-Gigabit connections

Single iP address and management interfaces for stack-wide control

hot-swappable, closed-loop resilient stacking

Distributed Resilient Routing with router tables in all units; no

master/slave arrangement

Combine any Switch 4800G models into a single stack, up to 9-high, when

using XRn technology