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4800G IRF config file synchronising

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4800G IRF config file synchronising

In the config guide for the 4800G , 07-System Volume, 18-IRF Stack Configuration, page 1-9 Configuration File Management, I was led to believe that a slave switch connecting via IRF to a master switch would copy the active configuration file from the master to the slave upon connecting, for example if the slave had no configuration file of its own or if it was out of date for some reason.

However, that does not appear to be the case in lab experiments. Although the slave switch will use the master switches config file in order to configure the slave, it doesn't actually copy the master config file to the slave. This means that if the master switch dies, and then the slave switch reboots, it won't come up with the correct configuration.

I notice that if I type 'save' in the command-line interface, the config file is then written to both master and slave, but the manual suggested that this wasn't necessary - simply connecting a slave switch would be enough to copy over the config file.

Is this a bug?

The reason I would like this clarified is because I am trying to document my disaster recovery procedures. I had hoped from reading the documentation that if replacing a dead switch, a brand-new unconfigured switch could simply be put in its place, but that isn't quite true if someone also has to login to the switch and type 'save'.

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