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4800G Source NAT

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4800G Source NAT

We use a 4800G Core switch and several 4500G Edge switches.

We have several VLANs, all routed through the 4800. In front of the 4800 is a Firewall/router and then the internet.

We need to have it configured so that members of a particular VLAN advertise a particular public IP address. For example, if you are on VLAN A, you show Public IP Address A, VLan B shows Pub IP B, etc...

The problem is, there is only one default route on the 4800 and the next hop is the Firewall/Router. So, all the traffic appears to come from that IP, thus, no matter what VLAN you are on, it shows the same Public IP address.

Is there a way, maybe a routing policy, or Source NAT that can configure the default routes so if you are on VLAN 4, you go out VLAN Interface 4, etc???