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5120 with Cisco ACS for MAC Authentication issue

Occasional Contributor

5120 with Cisco ACS for MAC Authentication issue



I have a 5120 HP comware switch and a Cisco ACS as RADIUS server. I'm using MAC authentication as the authentication method. I have enabled the MAC authentication globaly and on some specific ports. Unfortunately, this does not work, since I receive a reject message from ACS without any reason. I tried using a cisco switch and it works properly. I noticed from the debugs that the difference is that with the HP switch, it sends a field called "Password", which is actually the MAC, and this field it's not being sent with the cisco switch. Also, on the log of the acs I can see that the authentication method for a succesfull registration with the cisco switch, is called "Lookup" and the ones from HP are called "PAP".


Any ideas? It's very critical to resolve this today.


Thank you in advance.