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5130 HI LAG

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5130 HI LAG

Hi everyone,

I am curious about to learn link aggregation group on 5130 HI.

How many link aggregation group can i define on 5130 HI?

How many ports can be available in one lag group?

Thnx for your help.

Best regards..

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Re: 5130 HI LAG

Hi, the HPE 5130 HI Switch Series Configuration Guide should contain all the info you're looking for about Port Trunking (BAGG/LAG) configuration guidelines and restrictions: generally up to 8 ports can be members of a single BAGG/LAG.

Total number of BAGGs/LAGs a Switch admits depends on Switch type/model.

Don't remember exactly about HPE 5130 HI but that limit (maximum number of BAGGs) can be easily found on HPE 5130 HI Switch Configuration Guide (or into HPE 5130 HI QuickSpecs).
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Re: 5130 HI LAG

Directly from the HPE FlexNetwork 5130 HI Comware 7.10 R1120P10 Release Notes document (Software Features):

Link Aggregation:

  • Aggregation of GE ports
  • Aggregation of 10-GE ports
  • Static link aggregation
  • Dynamic link aggregation
  • Inter-device aggregation
  • A maximum of 128 inter-device aggregation groups
  • A maximum of 32 ports for each aggregation group