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5130 Switch Replacement

New Member

5130 Switch Replacement

Hi All,

I have three 5130 switches connected and working using IRF. Occasionally one blips so HP sent out a replacement. Does anyone know the correct method to replace this as HP couldn't offer any suggestions other than to install as a new switch?

I have since attemped the replacement using a document I found online to replace a similar HP 5830 switch, the IRF didnt copy the configuration over even though firmware was duplicated and IRF update was enabled.

Many thanks



Honored Contributor

Re: 5130 Switch Replacement

Assuming your faulty switch was the non-master, member #3:

Before adding it to the stack, configure the replacement switch with the same IRF member # and priority # as the member that is being rpelaced, eg:

irf member 3 priority 10

Then save the config and reboot it.

Then, shutdown your IRF interfaces and configure each of them exactly as per the IRF member you are removing.

Enable the IRF interfaces, save the config.

Then, configure the IRF to be active:

irf-port-config active

Then remove the old switch and put in the new switch, patched exactly as before.
If you've configured it correctly, the replacement switch should automatically reboot and get its config..