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5130 and Mitel Phones

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5130 and Mitel Phones

I have configured up a 5130 switch which is working fine on the Data and Wireless VLANS but I have tried everything I can think of to make this switch work with Mitel 5320 phones.


I have tried the suggestions here:

But that does not work either. If I put an old 2910 in place of the 5130 switch it works just fine.


The phone goes through its boot sequence but always says either VLAN:0 PRI:0 (90% of the time, depending on the settings I've tried) or VLAN:none PRI: none


Does anyone have any suggestions because I've pretty much run out of ideas.

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Re: 5130 and Mitel Phones

Does voip vlan mac-addresses match the builtin list of your 5130 (you can add the ranges Mitel uses if the internal list doesnt match)?


Also is LLDP running?


Check this among other threads regarding VoIP issues: