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5500 Stacking distance

Occasional Contributor

5500 Stacking distance


i am traying to put 6 X 5500 switch in stack using 1G fiber ports as the stacking port.

can you please tell me what is the max distance between each 5500 switch support in 3Com.



thank you

Occasional Contributor

Re: 5500 Stacking distance


I think 5500 must be stacked with a specif rear cable (maximum 5 meters).

I you use a fiber,  swicthes are'nt in a stack but uplinked.




Occasional Visitor

Re: 5500 Stacking distance


please check this port upgrade, if you product support the SFP module :

CODE. 3CSFP91 from 2 to 220 meter

CODE. 3CSFP92 from 2 to 550 meter

CODE. 3CSFP97 from 2 to 70 Km

remember to check if your product support all this module, refer to the datasheet of your switch.



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Re: 5500 Stacking distance

it is 5500-EI right ? not 5500G-EI ?


5500-EI stack distance is specified by SFP module, if you running 70KM-SFP, so you can stack over 70Km distance


5500G-EI (giga) max stack distance is about 5 meters