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5500 and 4400 vlan

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5500 and 4400 vlan

I have a scenario where I have a router gateway controlled by an outside entity. On my side of the gateway I connect to a network made up of 5500s and 4400s. The 1st hop from the gateway is a 5500. I want to use the 5500 to route for vlans on the internal network. I've set up the vlan config on the 5500 but something isn't working and I'm assuming it's the routing because I can't even ping the vlan interface.

This is the scenario:

5500 switch GW

created vlan 30


set access link port to trunk and allow vlan 30

4400 Switch

created vlan 30

set ports 1-4 as access type with vlan 30 tagged on them

added tagged vlan 30 to access link port

devices with vlan ip addresses connected to ports 1-4


PC with IP of GW

Connected to switch port 43

Cannot ping vlan 30 gateway from PC, let alone the devices on the 4400 in vlan 30.

Can anybody help?

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Re: 5500 and 4400 vlan

if u want to use 5500 as core routing... make sure the interface vlan is gateway for the client.. by default others vlan in switch cannot connect to vlan 1.

example in core 5500s

1. int vlan 1 = / 24

2. int vlan 2 = / 24

3. int vlan 3 = / 24

configure port trunk permit vlan 1 to 3

vlan 2 and vlan 3 can ping each other but not vlan 1

in switch 4400s

1. int vlan 1 = / 24

configure port trunk permit vlan 1 to 3

test the connection

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