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Re: 5500G-EI IPv6

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5500G-EI IPv6



I want to use IPv6 on 10Vlans. But when I set the secend IPv6 address the switch allways says:

[SWITCH] interface vlan-interface 10

[SWITCH-Vlan-interface10] ipv6 address fc00:0:0:0:f010::1 64

Error: The number of IPV6 interfaces has reached the maximum limit!

What is my fault? I have added the configuration in the file "switch_config.txt".

Switch typ: 3Com Switch 5500G-EI PWR 48-Port Software Version 3Com OS V3.03.02s168p22

Thank you and have a nice day!








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Re: 5500G-EI IPv6


interface Vlan-interface100
 ip address
 ipv6 address FC00:0:0:F100::1/64
 ipv6 address FC00:0:0:FB00::1/64

I don't work with IPv6 on my interfaces yet but, why did you put two networks on the same VLAN interface?



Re: 5500G-EI IPv6

Hello, I have the same problem. Same software version V3.03.02s168p22.

Manual says I have to enable IPv6 by command ipv6 in system-view, but there is no such command:

[5500G-EI]ipv6 ?
  host          Add/Remove a host name and its IP address to the IPv6 host name table 
  icmp-error    Specify ICMPv6 configuration information 
  nd            IPv6 interface neighbor discovery subcommands  
  neighbor      IPv6 neighbor cache entries 
  route-static  Establish static route 
 % Incomplete command found at '^' position.

Maybe this problem is only in this software version, but I do not see anything in changelog about this issue.

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Re: 5500G-EI IPv6

What is the HPE device/model id of your switch (such as JC102A or similar)?

According to the manual for 5500 (R2205) you enable ipv6 by:

> system-view
> ipv6
> exit
> reboot


Re: 5500G-EI IPv6

Hello, I am sorry I have not found HPE device/model ID, only Product 3C number : 3CR17259-91 from # display device manuinfo Maybe it is not Comware based? Thank you Henly
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Re: 5500G-EI IPv6

Probably you should - if permitted on your 3Com Switch model (probably with HP Product Number JF553A) - first (re)brand your 3Com into HPE then update it to latest available software version HPE released for that model.

I'm not totally sure you can on the old 3Com SuperStack 4 5500 (see here).

Try at CLI the command brand hp to see what output your switch shows (if any), examples here.

Eventually you can't HP (re)brand try to look here for latest available Firmware: it looks like it isn't Comware (5) based. Here for documentation.

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Re: 5500G-EI IPv6

Hello parnassus,

thank you, I have read the documentation you posted and tried to find more. This 5500G-EI 3com apparently can not be upgraded into H3C or HPE as it has not enough memory.

So for IPv6 routing I will need newer hardware, probably HPE 5500 24G SFP HI (JG543A) or HPE 5500 24G SFP EI (JD374A)