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[5500G-EI SFP] No outbound packet-filtering ???

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[5500G-EI SFP] No outbound packet-filtering ???



I try to isolate some multicast traffic, thus I made this rules :

acl number 4000
 rule 1 deny dest 0300-0000-8000 ffff-ffff-8000


acl number 4001
 rule 1 deny dest 0300-0000-0000 ffff-ffff-8000


interface GigabitEthernet1/0/1
 packet-filter outbound link-group 4000


but the switch does not accept "packet-filter outbound" sequence. When trying autocompletion, only inbound is proposed.


Is it a known issue or a limitation ? Should I update the firmware ?


Thanks for support


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Product Description:
3Com Switch 5500G-EI SFP 24-Port Software Version 3Com OS V3.03.02s56p05
System Location:      Marlborough, MA 01752 USA
System Contact:      3Com Corporation.
Serial Number:      9RXFC2PD58F80
Product 3C Number: 3CR17259-91
MAC Address:       00-24-73-D5-8F-80

Software Version:  3.03.02s56p05
Bootrom Version :  5.03
Hardware Version:  REV.B


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Re: [5500G-EI SFP] No outbound packet-filtering ???



I got no experience with this type of ACL, but were you able to solve it ?


The 5500 I have been working with usually runs comware 5.20.

I usually download it through the support portal:


If you switch is equal to HP 5500-24G-SFP EI Switch (JD374A) then there is comware 5.20 R2220P07.